I’m moving out

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Hey Friends and Fans!

I am moving out of this blog, but not going too far… just thought I’d get some privacy and my own space. It is right here in WordPress, but has my name on it.

Point your browsers to http://thetaruntalks.wordpress.com
Don’t worry, all my talks and your replies are stored safely there. Yes, my tweets, videos and all other goodies will be there too. I’ll see you on the other side of the fence.

What happens to this space? Keep checking back… I am not sure what daddy and mommy have planned….. we’ll find out…

The Tarun Twists

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Chellamma Surukkamma

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My daddy and mommy always make it a point to highlight a young one when we are all staring at a flock of birds or a herd of cows. They prefix it with “Kutti” and suffix with “dee” (to address me, as the girl they probably wanted?).


[Image Courtesy: http://www.popgive.com]

So for a little cow, it would be “Kutti Cow dee”
For a flying or trying to fly bird, it would be “Kutti Birdie deee”
for a duck, “Kuttie Quak Quak dee”

I found it a bit redundant and hard to distinguish, so I interleaved an extra syllable to identify the young one…

So I’d respond to a “Kutti Cow dee” with a “CaCaCow
Kuti Birdie dee” with a “BirdieBirdie
Kutti Quak Quak dee” with a “QuakQuak QuakQuak
Kutti Ingaaan dee” (Elephant, which I identify with its sound) with an “Ingangangaaaan
Kutti Doggie dee” with a “Doggie Doggie

and so on….

Quiz: What would I call a little cat (i.e. kitten in your parlance)?

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Those fire-crackers really really freaked me out yesterday! It was my first time and I was really looking forward to it… the very first trial cracker totally scared the wits out of me and I could not bear the noise!

What followed was a continuous rush of spectacular sound and light, but all I could hear was a big time ringing or beating of drums, only this time, inside the inner ear!

My parents sportingly scouted me out of the loud-zone into a place where I could just appreciate the lights and I did so quite well, except, those ears were still ringing with increasing frequency!! It was quite an experience and it took me a whole night’s sleep to get out of it!

I will surely be in a position to enjoy it better next year! But this one has to go down as a painful one…

Blame it on Charlie!

•July 4, 2009 • 2 Comments

This Charlie guy really spoiled me! Now I am off biting everyone and everything on my way… why Charlie why??? Now I find myself biting like Charlie, grimacing for my targets like Harry and then smirking like Charlie.. I tried to get a video of me in action on one of my targets, but they were’nt particularly pleased at my request for a video while I was biting πŸ˜‰

Do they get it?

•July 3, 2009 • 1 Comment

Listen to this… I try my best to explain that there is a “Hot Air Balloon” up in the air above us… it even has a banner attached to it explaining the rules of usage for anyone in the ground that’s interested. I try to coax my dad again and again to draw closer to it. Dad nods but looks straight at the ground and walks on and on. Mom on the other hand, seems to understand but claps on saying “Good Jaab.. Good Jaanb”, but she never looks at the balloon itself!

Did they get it? Is it so normal to see a hot air balloon? I for have seen one on TV every single day, but for the first time in real thin air! So, my bet is that they just humored me as if they understood! And nooo.. I wasn’t dreaming! I’d see much more super-natural things there!

The Tarun Turns Two

•June 30, 2009 • 12 Comments

Whoaaa! What a monstrous weekend! Arguably the most enjoyable one I’ve had! And it all began with a small private celebration at home on my actual birthday Jun 26th… (t626 ring a bell yet, you quizzers?) πŸ˜‰ Then the big event we all were waiting for, Jun 27th, the Grand Celebration for my 2nd birthday, the first big celebration in the US, where I was born andΒ  live today!

To all those who came, thanks a lot for coming and making it a Grand Success! I really liked meeting and greeting each of you in my own way, be it a cry, be it a laugh, be it a pat on your back or just a run away. You see, my social skills are not as good as my writing skills on this blog so far, but rest assured, I am learning. Put yourselves in my Sherwani Sandals and you know what I am talking about.. if not, just ask your little kids or grown up kids or well.. upcoming kids πŸ˜‰

I hope you guys enjoyed the “Lion” as much as I did.. initially I got freaked out, but then when I knew he was just an imposter, something I found out when he was not responding to my calls of “laaaaainnnn… laaiinnnnn”… “Kuaaa Kuaaaa”… (don’t ignore these terms, as they may be coming to a quiz near you)..

The clown guy was fun too… only I was getting too hot inside the hall, especially due to all the pressure and attention on me. Plus it was way too irresistable for me to rush out to count the number of black cars that were parked in the parking lot… Just my own fun, isn’t a birthday all about freaking out and having fun? Well.. that’s what I did… several uncles and aunties took care of me when my daddy or mommy were too busy to take me out and I’d like to thank them all… the music was superb and all my favorites were there! I could not stop wondering where those songs came from! They were supposed to be coming from the car stereo, were we in a big car of some kind where 100 people could sit, stand or walk?

To all my kid cohorts, Truly amazing performance singing the A B Cs.. I would have loved to join in, but I thought, as a host, I should be neutral and not get prizes πŸ˜‰ Good excuse eh? How was that quiz??? So many of you guys were trying to ask me the answers! But daddy had instructed me to turn away or to distract you guys with something else when asked any of those 10 questions! Good effort from everyone. Although the winner seemed to be on steroids, everyone else did very well… I will treasure those messages in question 10 in my scrapbook for ever! Wonderful quiz, song, dance, game performances and truly sportive attitude from all you guys! Thanks for the enthusiasm, participation and energy! Hope you guys enjoyed your return gifts as much as I am enjoying your gifts to me! Sorry I was too tired and slept off before I could bid individual goodbyes to each of you.. but I hope you’ll understand that it is tough to be a two year old! I was coming to grips with all the increased responsibilities! So many more toys to take care of! Hugsy is growling in jealousy at home! He’s too angry that he wasn’t invited to my party! But hey, he got to attend the home celebration!

To those that could not make it, I am sure your thoughts were all with me, after all I was coughing through some part of the morning, so we thought you were remembering me on my big day.. I am sure all your prayers and best wishes lead to the success of the event. I hope you received and have seen all the pics. I will try to get daddy to post a video or two soon, it would be the next best thing to having been there! I can’t stand the other kid on the video who everyone is celebrating! He looks just like me! Did he also have an exactly same birthday party? Better stay away from that guy in the video, he scares me like anything!

Of course people behind the scenes made it possible… the aunties at the cake shop, the aunties at the party stores, the uncles at gift shops and the thatha at the party hall. You were all great and made it possible! The cake was a big hit and although I did not have much cake, I heard everyone liking it a lot! Thanks to mommy for all the advanced planning for months! and the diligent execution and thanks to everyone who helped organize and cover this memorable event for me. I will appreciate this much much more as I understand what’s going on…

Thanks to all and hope I will see you all on your birthday parties and of course on my Big 3rd Birthday Bash! Keep watching this space for updates from me!