Do they get it?

Listen to this… I try my best to explain that there is a “Hot Air Balloon” up in the air above us… it even has a banner attached to it explaining the rules of usage for anyone in the ground that’s interested. I try to coax my dad again and again to draw closer to it. Dad nods but looks straight at the ground and walks on and on. Mom on the other hand, seems to understand but claps on saying “Good Jaab.. Good Jaanb”, but she never looks at the balloon itself!

Did they get it? Is it so normal to see a hot air balloon? I for have seen one on TV every single day, but for the first time in real thin air! So, my bet is that they just humored me as if they understood! And nooo.. I wasn’t dreaming! I’d see much more super-natural things there!


~ by The Tarun on July 3, 2009.

One Response to “Do they get it?”

  1. Really funny.

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