Chellamma Surukkamma

My daddy and mommy always make it a point to highlight a young one when we are all staring at a flock of birds or a herd of cows. They prefix it with “Kutti” and suffix with “dee” (to address me, as the girl they probably wanted?).


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So for a little cow, it would be “Kutti Cow dee”
For a flying or trying to fly bird, it would be “Kutti Birdie deee”
for a duck, “Kuttie Quak Quak dee”

I found it a bit redundant and hard to distinguish, so I interleaved an extra syllable to identify the young one…

So I’d respond to a “Kutti Cow dee” with a “CaCaCow
Kuti Birdie dee” with a “BirdieBirdie
Kutti Quak Quak dee” with a “QuakQuak QuakQuak
Kutti Ingaaan dee” (Elephant, which I identify with its sound) with an “Ingangangaaaan
Kutti Doggie dee” with a “Doggie Doggie

and so on….

Quiz: What would I call a little cat (i.e. kitten in your parlance)?

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~ by The Tarun on July 6, 2009.

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