My Birthday!

•June 26, 2009 • 2 Comments

Happy Birthday to me!

Tarun is 2

Tarun is 2

Thanks to everyone for making my phone ring continuously, filling my email inbox  and decorating my blog with kind comments! I am humbled! I wish to thank everyone and hope I will see most of you tomorrow in my official Birthday Bash!

I am told that 20 children in Somalia and Sierra Leone are also celebrating my birthday thanks to the kind efforts of UNICEF!! I hope I can get to know their birthdays and celebrate on each of those days too. I am so very grateful to God for having given me everything he has and I wish that all my comrades can get a good life too. I will do everything I can to make a difference!

Happy Birthday to me! Thanks mommy and daddy for making the day very special for me!! You didn’t even say anything when I painted those walls with my prints!



Can’t wait to meet everyone tomorrow!!! Are you all gettin ready yet??


The Tarun Reads

•June 12, 2009 • 4 Comments

Now in HD!


•June 12, 2009 • 1 Comment

Now in HD

You’re not coming?

•May 30, 2009 • 1 Comment

I don’t care… I’ll get going…

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My 2nd Birthday is coming soon!

•May 19, 2009 • 5 Comments

My video invite …

Watch out for an invite coming to your inbox real soon! If you don’t get it before the end of May, drop me a comment with your email id or just email me at ….


•May 18, 2009 • 1 Comment

Lights HD Camera Action!

•May 11, 2009 • 2 Comments